Wifi/Cellular Personal Alarm


We’ve provided safe, reliable In The Home protection for years using traditional landline-dependent medical alert systems but with today’s seniors maintaining more of their independence than ever before, it’s time for that to expand. Meet lifeAlarmDirect’s mobile medical alert pendants.

After pressing the call button or when a fall is detected, the call will be made to a lifeAlarmDirect operator. Once connected the operator can do anything from sending emergency services to calling a friend or family member off of your predetermined contacts list.


  • Mobile protection and coverage for both inside and outside the home
  • Fall detection available only with Wifi/Cellular Personal Alarm.
  • Battery lasts up to 30 days on a single charge
  • Works anywhere in U.S. with available AT&T cellular coverage
  • Shower-safe
  • Pendant worn on necklace only