Landline Home Personal Alarm



  • Up to 1,000’ of transmitter coverage, using Linear’s Long Range transmitters (LRP, LRW, LRC)
  • Faster setup and local programming with on-board USB port (a modem is not required)
  • English, Spanish selectable in software (French-speaking via firmware “flash”)
  • Upgradeable firmware – permits future “flash” of firmware for enhancements, feature updates
  • Illuminated “Help” button – backlit and easier to see at night
  • Pre-recorded alert messages loaded into console for scheduled events (medicine, appointments, system testing, activity/motion)

Temperature Sensor

The device has an ambient environment temperature sensor, to provide high and low temperature alerts. The set points can be customized, and reports can be sent to the central station to alert the provider to potentially hazardous temperature conditions at the subscriber’s residence.

Activity Timer.

The activity timer can be optionally programmed in a number of ways for user convenience, depending on the subscriber’s requirements. For example, the ’Failure to Report / No Activity’ signal can be sent if a preset amount of time elapses before either an activity transmitter is triggered or the console’s HOME button is pressed.

Reminder Messages

As a special feature, the device console can be configured to play reminder messages from its on-board library of pre-recorded voice prompts. The reminder messages can be used to help the subscriber remember to take medications, meet their scheduled ride, get ready for an appointment, etc. One specialized message is provided as a System Test reminder.

Remote Controlled Speakerphone

The console can also be programmed to act as a remotely-controllable “speakerphone”. With the speakerphone mode enabled, the console will monitor the telephone line for an incoming call. Activating any emergency transmitter (or the console’s HELP button) while the telephone is ringing will cause the console to seize the line and begin speakerphone communications. Activating any emergency transmitter (or HELP button) during the call will disconnect the line. The console will auto-disconnect after 15, 30, or 60 minutes (programmable).

Call Management

The console’s digital communicator can route calls to three telephone numbers: primary, secondary, and supervisory. General reporting codes and individual sensor reporting codes are programmable for the 4×2 format (Point-to-Point). Alternately, Ademco Contact ID or SIA formats can be selected. The telephone line is constantly monitored, line failure and restoral can be programmed to be locally announced by the console.